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How to Heat and Cool a Sunroom

Posted - 10/04/2011

Building a sunroom onto the home is a great way to add resale value. Sunrooms also add extra living space to the house. Hiring a good contractor, such as Four Seasons, ensures the sunroom will suit your needs perfectly. Once the room is built, it often becomes the favorite room in the house. Finding ways to heat and cool a sunroom is difficult. There are several options available, but not all of them are efficient.

The best way to heat and cool a sunroom is using a forced air system. A forced air system for sunrooms has both cool and hot air. The unit is small enough to fit in the room. It hangs high so it is out of the way. The unit runs from a remote control which makes it easier to keep the room at the proper temperature. A unit must be placed outside, much like a central air unit. The forced air unit is smaller than a central air unit though. Adding a reversible ceiling fan helps circulate the warm or cool air to make the temperature even in the room. Once the forced air and fan is installed, the sunroom is ready to serve as a perfect retreat for homeowners.
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